More than 2,000 Cessna Caravans handle an extraordinary range of missions, many of them government, across the globe. Vector-Hawk Aerospace can help these government operators further improve the 208B Caravan’s legendary capabilities and transform the aircraft into an even more valuable and productive asset regardless of the aircraft’s operational requirements.

With unprecedented increases in takeoff and climb horsepower, Vector-Hawk Aerospace’s FAA-certified XP42A Upgrade Package will transform your government Caravan into a more valuable and cost-effective asset.

We exchange the aircraft’s standard 675-shp engine for a factory-new, 850-shp PT6A-42A power plant.The installation includes a streamlined carbon composite cowling that replaces the Caravan’s original nose and accommodates the larger engine. In addition, Blackhawk installs two new Frakes exhaust stacks and a Hartzell four-blade constant-speed propeller. The company backs up its work with a lifetime customer support guarantee and includes free enrollment CAMP Systems’ Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Program and the Trend Group’s Turbine Trend Analysis Program.

The upgrade expands Caravan performance margins, doubling the aircraft’s rate of climb while using less fuel. In addition, the program shortens takeoff distances and increases range and true airspeed. All of these enhancements make the Caravan a more valuable government asset for armed forces around the world. Higher speed and longer range improve arrival and turn-around times that literally can make the difference between life and death for MEDEVAC patients, Special Ops insertion and extraction teams, and troops stationed in remote areas with urgent resupply needs. Also, better fuel efficiency enables longer surveillance and patrol missions and less expensive freight hauling.

Original factory gauges often become unreliable and difficult to repair and recalibrate. Vector-Hawk Aerospace’s Hawkeye DigiLog Gauges optimize flight management functionality and introduce modern advancements in human factors engineering to legacy aircraft. These in-stock replacements combine the familiarity of two-inch round analog gauges with microprocessor-based signal processing and digital display technology. They also feature a power-on self-test function, continuous self-test function and continuous sensor reasonableness test function. Each lightweight gauge is configured for visual display of exceedances, proper instrument/sensor operations and alarm annunication to ensure that pilots are notified of potential engine or sensor problems. Backlit blue displays ensure easy readability at night. Other benefits include a two-year warranty and the ability to transfer data for tracking and trend analysis.

As globally recognized PT6 experts, Vector-Hawk Aerospace offers cost-effective maintenance, repair and overhaul services ranging from routine engine maintenance to complete, complex overhauls, including parts refurbishment.

Lightning strikes and foreign object debris can unexpectedly damage flight-critical propeller components. Vector-Hawk Aerospace has proven capabilities to maintain and repair or completely overhaul your Hartzell, McCauley and Dowty Rotol propeller systems on schedule and on budget. Our comprehensive overhaul process encompasses a range of activities that include everything from acid etching, inspections and necessary parts replacement to nickel cadmium plating, aluminum anodizing, and installation of new deicer boots. From blades to hub assemblies, parts rework or replacement, if required, will be completed efficiently, and all work is fully compliant with FAA and other regulatory requirements. In-country or on-site auditing, training and maintenance troubleshooting is also available.

Vector-Hawk Aerospace offers both Hartzell four-blade propellers and McCauley five-blade propellers for your aircraft needs.

Imagine if you could extend the time between overhaul for the fleet, ensure on-condition hot sections, and consistently identify small problems before they become large, expensive problems. Vector-Hawk Aerospace, working in conjunction with The Trend Group and Avtrak, has developed a powerful engine management solution for a true revolution in aircraft readiness.

Using trend analysis and flight data monitoring tools, Engine Management PLUS+ gathers and delivers information and recommendations to help operators proactively manage engine maintenance for the fleet. A four-step process drives fact-based decision-making for dramatic improvements in readiness, safety and availability.

1. COLLECT engine performance, usage, and maintenance data utilizing proven aviation data management services and applications.

2. PROCESS and interpret data using FAA licensed A&P mechanics to provide diagnostics and prognostics that result in timely and accurate maintenance recommendations.

3. MANAGE the data and process to deliver actionable reports resulting in a proactive maintenance program that is timely, effective and efficient.

4. ACT and make informed decisions based on complete information that is up-to-date and may be easily accessed anytime via the Internet for those personnel with a need to know.