Clean Your Machine, With EcoPower
Vector Hawk is proud to introduce and offer the EcoPower Multi-Use Cleansing System. It’s simple but delivers far-reaching economic and operational benefits. Clean your engine, protect the environment, and save on fuel and maintenance. Contact Vector Hawk today for information about this innovative process. It’s Pure Genius!


Whatever you fly and whatever your mission, a loss of efficiency reduces mission effectiveness. And when engines ingest sand, salt or other debris, compressor airfoils become dirty, increasing fuel burn and exhaust gas temperatures. It’s not good for engines or mission success.

Now, an advanced, environmentally friendly wash process is available to keep your engine debris-free and operating at peak performance.

EcoPower is the Answer

EcoPower is a detergent-free wash system that cleans engines in just 30-60 minutes per wash using heated, deionized, atomized water. There’s no need to move the aircraft to a wash bay, and two technicians can easily complete the work. Plus, EcoPower works for any engine type quickly and easily, and any remaining water can be recycled with no worry about environmental impact or fines.

Many Uses

In addition to internal and external aircraft engine washing, use EcoPower to de-ice, to clean the surface of your aircraft or other vehicles, and even for agricultural rinsing.

Documented Savings

Test results demonstrate that fuel burn decreases significantly with each engine wash — EcoPower benefits are immediate and measurable. Operators can expect average fuel savings of 0.4% - 0.8%, a 5-12˚C reduction in exhaust gas temperature, reduced maintenance cost, increased time on wing, and more. To date, more than 40,000 engines have been washed the EcoPower way on a variety of commercial and military aircraft.

Learn More

The process is user friendly and intuitive, and the equipment is compact and easily transported. Call Vector-Hawk for full technical details, pricing and specifications.